Giving it to God

A few weeks ago I was praying and listening to worship music. As I was praying I felt worried, heavy, and just overwhelmed by the problems that filled my mind as I prayed for them one by one. I was praying because I wanted God to do something about my circumstances, to help the people I was praying for, and to help me be at peace.

However, it got to the point that it felt  like a burden to pray. I thought, Why am I pleading with God so often to help these people and “fix” my circumstances? Is He really listening? Is He really working? Sometimes when I pray, it feels like the stress just fills my mind as I desperately ask God to help me. I do not feel the peace I want but I end up being irritated because I feel like God is not working fast enough.

On that particular day a few weeks ago, God showed me that when I pray, I am merely just telling Him what is going on and asking Him to work on my behalf. I am not really giving Him the situations, I am not laying down the burdens, and I am not really putting anything in His hands. I actually keep everything in my own hands. No wonder why I feel so stressed and irritated!

See the thing is- God wants our burdens. He wants us to give Him the weight. He wants us to trust Him enough to lay down everything at His feet and not carry it ourselves.

So in that moment  while praying- I felt lead to do this: I took out my journal, and on one page I wrote down what I was praying about. I wrote names of people I was praying for, and wrote down words such as “anxiety, insecurity, negativity, fear” – things I personally struggle with and pray for. I wrote down the things that were burdening me in short phrases and words.

Then on top of all those words, in huge letters, I wrote :


That name was written so large it filled the page, and it was bigger than everything I wrote down. I could not see everything I wrote anymore, because the name of Jesus was covering it all.

As soon as I wrote “JESUS”, I felt God’s presence in a special and powerful way. I felt a breakthrough.  That moment reminded me that if we focus more on Jesus than the problems, the circumstances, and the personal struggles-He truly covers it all, if you let Him.

And He is truly bigger than it all. Our problems are nothing in comparison to His great power. If God split the sea in half, knows the stars by name, knows every hair on your head, why would He not work on your behalf? Why would He not answer your prayers in His way, His timing, and work it all out for your good?

Where is your focus today? What is heavy on your heart? Is it bills that you cannot pay? A family member who has passed away?  A job that is stressing you out? A struggle in your mind and emotions that you cannot seem to overcome? Whatever it is, I just want to encourage you to lay it at the feet of Jesus.

He knows, He is aware, He understands. Let Him cover you today. Lift your eyes from the battles, and put them on Him instead. Your circumstances may not change right away. You may still be in the heat of the struggle, but remember who walks with you and goes before you.

Isaiah 43:2 

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”

Remember who is holding your hand through it all. Remember how He was faithful in the past , and He will continue to be faithful in the future. Remember. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Remember.

Tell yourself it is well with your soul. Speak it over yourself, say it until you believe it with all of your heart. The same God who created the universe lives in your heart and is waiting for you to give Him your burdens.

He does not delight to see us suffering, struggling, and trying to solve our problems on our own. God delights when we run to Him. He is our Daddy, Abba Father, Best friend. He holds the world in His hands. Princes and kings are but a breeze in comparison to the power He holds. I don’t know about you, but that is pretty exciting to me! We have a Good, Good Father who is ready to love on us and take all that is weighing us down.

I want to leave you with these words that I feel God put in my heart. He says,

“Give it to me. I know you are sick, give it to me. I know you are heartbroken, give it to me. I know you are jobless, give it to me, I know you are busy, give it to me. Will I not work out your battles? Will I not fight for you? Will I not carry you through the fire? Why do you think I will let you down? I am your God, I will not let you down. I turn ashes into beauty. I turn sorrow into joy. You are upset because things do not go your way right away, but you have to trust that I am working. I am always working. My son/ daughter, You are not alone. Trust in Me. I am God and you are not. Just trust in Me.”


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